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April 9, 2021
Xaverius School Palembang
customer requirementS
Wi-Fi solution for the teachers, staff, and students that can be remotely and centralized managed and also suit their current budget requirement and also cater for future
EnGenius solution
EnGenius Cloud Solution


Xaverius 3 High School is a well-established Catholic school since 1971, Palembang , Indonesia. Xaverius continuously develop and cultivate their students with holistic education and also advancing with the latest teaching methods and digital tools. Moving forward the school will want to implement more digital learning tools to help engage and prepare their students for the future.

Customer Requirement

As school re-opens for the students after the lock down, and also the implementation of more digital e-learning activities, the school management seethe need to cater for more WiFi connections for the teachers, staff and students. As the pandemic situation is still uncertain, the school need a solution that can be remotely and centralized. The system must also be very versatile so that it can be re-configure based on the school capacity. Most importantly, the solution must also suit their current budget requirement and also cater for future expansion.

The EnGenius Cloud Solution

EnGenius AI-Cloud License-FREE SMB network management provide a easy and simple dashboard for the School IT manage the school network and monitor the usage capacity .The simplified and visualized dashboard allow the IT support team to identify issues and address technical issues remotely with the user-friendly tools provided. The Cloud-to-Go APP also helps swift maintenance and on-site support.

The Result

The Cloud APs are able to cater to the E-learning and E-library facility with strong coverage in the digital labs and IT rooms. Integration is easy with Cloud Dashboard and the Cloud-to-Go App.

The Products

12 units of ECW120
Dual-band 2x2 11ac Ceiling-mount AP

Story Name
Xaverius School Palembang
Palembang, Indonesia
Indoor AP