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November 30, 2022
Wi-Fi network upgrade for Mare Blue Beach Resort hotel with state-of-the-art equipment
customer requirementS
Wi-Fi coverage upgrade was requested to provide optimum service to the guests of the property.
EnGenius solution
EnGenius Cloud Solution

The installation site

The site where the project was carried out is the Mare Blue Beach Resort. This accommodation is located in Agios Spyridon of Perithea, Corfu, in an area of 50 acres. It has two outdoor swimming pools, restaurants, bars, gyms, spa and dozens of rooms and suites.

Need (Case)

The client's need was to upgrade their existing infrastructure from 1Gbps to 10 Gbps. In addition, they had also carried out an upgrade of their cable infrastructure to enable the upgrade from 1Gbps to 10Gbps. At the same time, Wi-Fi coverage upgrade was requested to provide optimum service to the guests of the property.

The EnGenius Cloud solution

The equipment proposed was based on the client's needs and consisted of:

  • ECW260 Outdoor APs
  • ECW220 Indoor APs
  • ECW120 Indooor APs
  • ECW115 Indoor APs

The ECS1552FP switch, 48 Gigabyte ports and POE+ technology was used to power the above APs.

The 802.11ax technology (Wi-Fi 6) has the following features:

Higher data transfer speed

More efficient data encoding leads to higher performance. More powerful chips used to encode and decode signals allow more data to be transferred by the same radio waves.

Increased battery life of Wi-Fi users

Battery life is extended through a well-known feature, Target Wake Time (TWT). TWT allows the Wi-Fi access point to communicate with your device to alert you exactly when to turn its Wi-Fi on and when to turn it off.

Better performance in congested areas

One of the ways in which Wi-Fi performance can be negatively affected is when it is used in busy areas where there is competition for signal. Wi-Fi 6 uses a range of new technologies to increase Wi-Fi utility by minimising network congestion problems.

Advantages of the EnGenius solution

o High-speed 802.11ax Internet to serve a large number of users simultaneously.
o Full coverage throughout the hotel premises.
o Centralized management of devices through the free Cloud service.
o Exporting project reports and sending them for statistics analysis.

The Installation

A total of 14 Switches were installed on site, which power 214 access points. The distribution of the switches to the 13 bungalows as well as the installation of one AP per two rooms was done. For the outdoor areas of the two pools coverage the outdoor APs were used. The Core Switch was placed in the central rack so that all the optical fibres from the individual bungalows could be connected to it. After the physical placement of the machines was completed, they were then configured. All the configuration was done through the Cloud Controller, in which the various VLANs as well as the additional SSIDs were configured. Once the configuration was completed, then the necessary tests of correct configuration of both Switches and APs, as well as correct coverage of the site were performed.


- Better coverage range
- Serving more users
- Faster user service
- Higher speed range
- Better quality of service to users

Story Name
A total of 14 network switches were installed on the Mare Blue Beach Resort's site to power 214 EnGenius APs
Corfu, Greece
Wi-Fi 6
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