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September 25, 2023
Enhancing the Wi-Fi coverage at the Cook's Club Corfu Hotel in Greece with the EnGenius Cloud solution!
customer requirementS
The client's requirement was to completely redesign the network infrastructure. In response, the network requirements were collaboratively identified and it was determined that establishing distinct sub-networks would be the optimal solution.
EnGenius solution
EnGenius Cloud

The Installation Site

The project took place at the Cook's Club Corfu Greece hotel unit, located in the Gouvia area of Corfu. The property consists of 195 rooms, gyms, a spa, restaurants, and swimming pools. This is the 10th Cook's Club in the Fosun Tourism Group's portfolio, which operates within the hotel sector in leading tourist destinations.

The Sub-Networks Designed Were:

  • The internal network (LAN)
  • The telephony network
  • The network of IP televisions
  • The management network
  • The Wi-Fi Guest network
  • The Wi-Fi Staff network
  • The Proposed Solution:

    The equipment recommended is a range of top-quality networking products from EnGenius Cloud, a provider that also offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty, aligning with the client's specific requirements. The official EnGenius distributor in Greece is Professional Services, known for their extensive installations across the country in challenging projects, including camps, hotels and stadiums.

    ECW260 (https://www.engenius.ai/cloud/products/ecw260/)

    The Selected EnGenius Solutions are:

    • ECW260 Outdoor AP Dual Band 802.11ax 2x2
    • ECW220 Indoor AP Dual Band 802.11ax Wave 2 2x2
    • ECS1552FP switch, featuring 48 Gigabit ports and POE+ technology, was utilized to power the access points.

    802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) Technology Offers the Following Features:

    Enhanced Data Transfer Speed

    More efficient data encoding results in improved performance. The use of more powerful chips for signal encoding and decoding allows for greater data throughput over the same radio waves.

    Prolonged Battery Life for Wi-Fi Users

    Battery life is extended through a notable feature known as Target Wake Time (TWT). TWT enables the Wi-Fi access point to communicate with your device, instructing it precisely when to activate and deactivate its Wi-Fi connection.

    Improved Performance in Congested Areas

    One of the ways in which Wi-Fi performance can be negatively impacted is when it operates in densely populated areas with signal interference. Wi-Fi 6 employs various new technologies to enhance Wi-Fi functionality, effectively mitigating network congestion issues.

    EnGenius Cloud (https://www.engenius.ai/cloud/)

    The Advantages of the EnGenius Solution

    o Delivering High-speed Wi-Fi 6 Internet to accommodate a large number of users simultaneously.
    o Ensuring full coverage in all areas and throughout the entire hotel.
    o Centralized management of devices through the free Cloud service.
    o Exporting project reports and sending them for statistical analysis.

    The Installation Process

    A total of 19 switches were installed on the site, powering a total of 110 APs. The switches were distributed across 19 individual racks on each floor, with one AP installed for every two rooms. The Core Switch was strategically positioned in the central rack to facilitate the connection of all optical fibers from the individual racks.

    Following the physical placement of the equipment, the configuration process commenced. All configurations were executed through the Cloud Controller, encompassing the setup of various VLANs and additional SSIDs. Furthermore, the IGMP Snooping protocol was enabled and appropriately configured on all switches to support the IP TV infrastructure.

    Upon completing the configuration, comprehensive tests were conducted to ensure the correct setup of both switches and APs, as well as to verify the site's adequate coverage.

    The Results

    - Extended Coverage Range
    - Increased User Capacity
    - Faster User Service
    - Higher Speed Capabilities
    - Improved Quality of Service for Users

    About Leader (Daskaliaros-Orfanos-Soures Ltd.)

    A dynamic IT company (project contractor) based in Corfu. Since 2005, Leader has consistently remained at the forefront of technology, demonstrating a keen ability to address the requirements of contemporary businesses by providing innovative solutions aimed at achieving maximum efficiency while minimizing investment costs.

    About Professional Services (https://profser.gr/)

    Professional Services was founded in 2013 as a result of many years of experience in the telecommunications and UPS (uninterruptible power supply systems) industry. Its main area of activity is the distribution of products and services related to wired and wireless telecommunications networks and UPS. Its philosophy is to provide quality customer service by providing solutions designed for the specific needs of each individual customer. In recent years it has been a leading player in the Greek market, carrying out large installations with both network and UPS equipment, while it is constantly at the side of its partners from the initial stage of presales to after sales service.

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