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April 27, 2023
Public Wi-Fi for Selangor, Malaysia
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Provide public Wi-Fi coverage for underserved villages and communities in Selangor to access government resources and improve digital skills.
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The WiFi Smart Selangor is a public Wi-Fi initiative introduced by the Selangor State Government as part of the Iltizam Selangor Penyayang, aiming to develop a Smart Digital Eco-System and position Selangor as a state-of-the-art and competitive state using Industry Revolution 4.0 technology. With almost 800 free WiFi hotspots strategically located across Selangor, the project serves rural and traditional villages and has registered around 1 million users, with more hotspots being installed. The initiative aims to provide better free WiFi service to the B40, M40, youth, and students who desperately need  access to the Internet and allow citizens to conduct e-commerce & e-government transactions, as well as facilitate the continuity of learning & education activities using online learning platforms in the new norm era post-Covid-19.


Smartsel, the solution provider for the WiFi Smart Selangor project, faced several challenges in deploying a cost-effective, scalable, and easy-to-use Wi-Fi infrastructure with limited time and resources. The solution needed to seamlessly integrate with the existing Hotspots solution while providing reliable coverage in diverse environments, particularly in rural areas. Additionally, the solution needed to offer centralized management, diagnostic and monitoring tools, and support routine maintenance and reports for over 500 sites and 2000 devices.

The Solution

EnGenius Cloud solution was deployed with strong support from EnGenius Malaysia's distributor. EnGenius devices catered to different deployment scenarios and coverage needs, with integration with hotspot services going smoothly. The EnGenius Cloud Dashboard provided a centralized management platform for monitoring and diagnosing network issues remotely.

The Result

The deployment was completed within 2 months, with almost 800 free WiFi hotspots strategically located across Selangor. The WiFi Smart Selangor initiative has  registered around 1 million users, providing access to government resources  and improving digital skills and knowledge for underserved communities.

The Products

ECW220: 1,120 units  

ECW120: 455 units  

ECW160: 55 units  

ECS1112FP: 543 units

Engenius Pro License for 3 years: 2,173

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Public Wi-Fi for Selangor, Malaysia
Serdang , Malaysia
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