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April 15, 2020
Providing students learning benefits with seamless Wi-Fi deployment
customer requirementS
There was a need for Wi-Fi network coverage for the school facilities.
EnGenius solution
EnSky Solution

The Site

Platon is a private school established in 1969 with a total of 900 pupils and 50 teachers in the academic staff. It is certified and holds many awards in the field of education. Its facilities are located in Glyka Nera Attica and include classrooms for students from kindergarten to high school, as well as a library,workshops, stadiums and swimming pools, etc.

The Situation

There was a need for Wi-Fi network coverage for the school facilities. The coverage covered the entire interior (basement,ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor). The key criteria is to provide students with positive learning benefits with internet connected devices than traditional blackboard.

The Advantages

  • MU-MIMO High-speed 802.11AC Wave 2 access point (AP) that serves 250 to 300 users simultaneously daily
  • Centralized Network Management
  • Due to the large number of APs it is possible for them to operate at very low power

The Installation Procedure

The site “wireless network planner” was designed using th eEnGenius ezWiFi Planner tool (ezWiFi Planner is an exclusive benefit available only to EnGenius partners: partners.engeniusnetworks.eu) to visualize Wi-Fi planning design before deploying the ideal placement number of APs to use.

The ezMaster (Network Management Software by EnGenius)was installed on one of the computers in the school's technical department can remotely monitor, manage and troubleshoot your network and APs. This network management software has the ability to manage devices locally as well as remotely over the internet.

EnGenius APs can support multiple networks and fast roaming features for fast - seamless communication - switching devices from one AP to the next and also comes equipped with captive portal mode.

The EnGenius Solution

EnGenius’ distributor in Greece (Professional Services) provided the EnSky Solution for the project with the EWS330AP DualBand 802.11AC Wave 2 for a complete wide school coverage.

‘’By using centralised management ezMaster,we have overview of all the internet usage from different SSIDs such as: administration,teachers, and students. Easy and safe! ’’

—– Pantelis Dorlis (IT Engineer at Platon Private School)

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Platon Education
Glyka Nera Attica, Greece
ezWiFi Planner