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December 18, 2023
Seresco deploys EnGenius Wi-Fi 6E at Teamlabs to handle a high density of users and traffic
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The high influx of students, faculty, and events in this learning lab created a complex scenario with demanding wireless connectivity needs for speed and simultaneous client connections.
EnGenius solution
EnGenius Cloud Wi-Fi 6E Solution

TeamLabs, a radical learning laboratory with branches in Madrid, Barcelona, and Malaga fosters a mindset of fast and continual learning, enhancing the ability to anticipate, react, and take initiative.

TeamLabs Radical Learning Laboratory collaborates with Mondragon Unversity, and since 2012 offers various degrees including the official LEINN university degree (Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation). They also provide the official Masters degree in Learning and Innovation Facilitation (LIT), the Specialization Diploma in New Roles for Learning in Education, and the Specialization Diploma in Chief Learning Officer (CLO).

Mondragon University (Madrid, Spain)

TeamLabs has led innovative learning projects with top organizations such as Google, Repsol, Telefónica, and La Caixa. Teamlabs also assists educational institutions in their development, forming partnerships with institutions like Tecnológico de Monterrey and CEU Universities, among others.

TeamLabs recently moved its headquarters to La Casa de Las Alhajas, a central and iconic building in Madrid near Plaza de las Descalzas. This new location triples the space compared to the previous one, providing ample room for the 600 individuals in its creative community.

This building, rooted in Madrid's history since its first convent in 1126 and reconstructed in 1870 as a 19th-century architectural gem, holds numerous stories and serves as a lively testament to the city's evolution.

Project Requirements

TeamLabs' network needed a revamp due to the growing number of connected devices and the demand for faster internet speeds. Managing high-density in a building with thick walls was challenging, the number of client devices raised connectivity requirements. Prioritising connection speed and traffic, TeamLabs opted for cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6E technology. In this crucial educational setting, essential requirements included security, management, authentication processes, and connection speed.

The areas to be covered were as follows:

• Common areas
• Multidisciplinary rooms
• Offices
• Work and meeting rooms
• Auditorium with a capacity for 100 people
• Central courtyard for events with a capacity for 500 people

EnGenius Solution

To address these challenges, TeamLabs opted for the refined EnGenius Cloud network solution. 65 EnGenius ECW336 Wi-Fi 6E access points were installed, designed for high-density scenarios, providing exceptional wireless connectivity at speeds of up to 8.4 Gbps. These access points, with their 4x4 technology across three bands, the new 6GHz band, and channel widths of up to 160MHz, ensured a seamless user experience even in high-density areas such as classrooms and auditoriums, free from interference.

Additionally, fiber aggregation switches with powerful EnGenius Cloud management, ECS5512F, equipped with high-speed SFP+ ports, were implemented. In the installation, ECS1552FP switches, Full PoE, with 740W of power, 48 PoE Ethernet ports, and four SFP+ ports were also deployed. Thanks to this powerful and robust network infrastructure, reliable and high-speed connectivity was guaranteed throughout the building.

Management is carried out through the EnGenius Cloud management platform. Both the Access Points and Switches from the brand feature an advanced management panel, advanced authentication and security features, and a refined radio management system.

Technological Accessibility

One of the most prominent requirements, beyond the high density of users, was the management of the network with varying traffic demands based on different areas of the university complex and student movement.

Thanks to user authentication with Radius and Azure AD integration, and the bandwidth of the EnGenius Cloud system and devices, it was possible to provide the best connectivity at all times. This ensured traffic control per user or network (faculty, students, services, guests, etc.).

WPA3 security and a customizable captive portal were the key ones required for this deployment including authentications with Azure AD, Active Directory, Custom LDAP and Google LDAP. Additionally, a Voucher management service was included.

On the other hand, for the integrator, having a system for rapid deployment was crucial, allowing for the flexible installation of preconfigured network devices via the Cloud, ready to operate as soon as they were connected. This adoption and configuration were based on the unique serial code or barcode scanning.

The Implementation

All devices are managed from the Cloud platform without any cost for licenses.The ECW336 4x4 WiFi 6E model, with a 5 GbE Ethernet port, supports both uplink and downlink multi-user MU-MIMO for optimal signal and reception capacity, as well as stronger, stable, and efficient wireless connections. The equipment supports up to 1500 client connections.

The high influx of students and faculty, in addition to the multiple events organized in this learning laboratory, presented a very complex scenario with very high wireless connectivity requirements in terms of speed and number of simultaneously connected clients. Given the priority of connection speed and high wireless traffic, TeamLabs opted for the cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6E technology to meet these requirements.

To address these challenges, TeamLabs opted for the fine-tuned EnGenius Cloud networking solution. Sixty-five EnGenius ECW336 6E Wi-Fi access points designed for high-density scenarios were installed, enabling wireless connectivity at exceptional speeds (up to 8.9Gbps). These access points, with their 4x4 technology in all three bands, the new 6GHz band and channel widths of up to 320MHz, ensured a seamless user experience even in high-density areas such as classrooms and auditoriums. No interference.

Operational Accessibility

For organizations that need to manage their wireless networks in an intuitive and secure manner without requiring servers for the installation of the network controller, the quick installation and configuration of EnGenius Cloud equipment provide reliable performance, predictive analytics, and real-time information, allowing integrators to focus on growing their business.

EnGenius allows visualizing networks in real-time under a single control panel, with no limit on sites. The Cloud to Go mobile app enables monitoring and managing the network on-site or remotely, providing seamless connectivity to clients. It also offers in-depth analytics on both wired and wireless network devices.

The Result

Berta Lázaro, Co-founder of TeamLabs, emphasizes:

"EnGenius has been a key ally in our technological transformation at TeamLabs. Their Wi-Fi 6E access points and high-speed switches have allowed us to provide our students and teachers with an unparalleled connectivity experience in terms of stability and speed."

The deployment was carried out by one of the most renowned Wi-Fi network integrators in the Spanish market in terms of radio efficiency, SPW, a company integrated into the Seresco Group with a long history in installing wireless and wired infrastructures in various deployment scenarios.

This is not the first time their CTO, Mr. Luis Gimenez Rayo, has employed the EnGenius Solution, consistently achieving highly satisfactory results.

"The implementation of the EnGenius Wi-Fi 6E solution offers the highest transmission rate in the market, providing us with absolute flexibility in our integrations. After years of collaboration, we have full confidence in the robustness and stability of the brand's equipment. The powerful Cloud solution management gives us the utmost confidence."
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EnGenius Cloud Wi-Fi 6E implementation at Casa de las Alhajas (Mondragon University)
Madrid, Spain
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