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October 2, 2023
CUNEF University accelerates its connectivity with the EnGenius Cloud solution
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A complete overhaul of the university's network was required to accommodate the growing number of connected devices and the need for faster internet speeds.
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EnGenius Cloud

CUNEF University, renowned for its academic excellence and commitment to innovation, confronted the challenge of updating and optimizing its network infrastructure to accommodate a growing student and faculty population. Through the implementation of EnGenius Cloud, the university attained a high-speed, reliable wireless connection, resulting in a significant improvement in the campus user experience.

CUNEF University, Madrid

The University

Ranked as Spain's top private university by Forbes magazine on June 5, 2023, CUNEF University is a pioneering institution in the realm of Higher Education. It is distinguished for its specialization, the exceptional quality of its students, professors, and researchers, as well as its extensive international presence. Although officially recognized as a university in 2019, CUNEF has been actively engaged in academic pursuits since 1973, shaping the careers of over 10,000 professionals through its classrooms.

CUNEF University's undergraduate and postgraduate programs are designed to address the evolving challenges of a technology-driven global market. They operate within a context where continuous training and lifelong learning have become indispensable.

CUNEF University's Madrid headquarters, situated within Ciudad Universitaria, is a new campus located at the José María Churruca business park. This expansive complex, spanning over 17,000 m2 and designed by architect Kevin Roche, can accommodate 3,000 students. The campus comprises four distinct buildings, housing classrooms and versatile spaces equipped with cutting-edge teaching technology. At CUNEF University, an ecosystem has been cultivated where pedagogy, technology, and the environment converge to promote active learning. This environment also prioritizes sustainability, thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels that augment the complex's energy self-sufficiency.

Project Requirements

A complete overhaul of the university's network was required to accommodate the growing number of connected devices and the need for faster internet speeds. The need for high connection speeds and heavy wireless data traffic led to the consideration of fiber ports with speeds of up to 10Gbps in the electronics of the Ethernet switches. In an educational institution of this significance, ensuring secure connections and effective client management, along with optimal connection speed, are essential prerequisites.

The areas to be covered included:

• Classrooms

• Common areas

• Multidisciplinary rooms

• Offices

• Faculty rooms

• Assembly Hall with a capacity of up to 200 people

The EnGenius Solution

To meet these challenges, CUNEF University selected the EnGenius Cloud network solution. They installed 68 high-density EnGenius ECW230 Wi-Fi 6 access points, delivering exceptional wireless speeds. With their 4x4 technology, these access points ensured a seamless user experience, even in high-density areas like classrooms and auditoriums. 31 EnGenius switches from the ECS2552 and ECS5512 series, equipped with Ethernet and SPF+ ports offering speeds up to 10Gbps, were deployed. This robust network infrastructure guaranteed reliable, high-speed connectivity across the campus.

Technological Accessibility

Thanks to user management via Radius and Azure, coupled with the bandwidth capabilities of the EnGenius Cloud system, it is possible to ensure optimal connectivity at all times.

For the integrator, rapid installation was of utmost importance to swiftly deploy and set up network devices that had been pre-configured via the Cloud, ensuring they were ready to operate as soon as they were connected. This process was facilitated through adoption and configuration using either the single serial code or barcode scanning.

The Implementation

The ECW230 4x4 Wi-Fi 6, equipped with a 2.5 GbE Ethernet port, offers support for MU-MIMO multi-user uplinks and downlinks, ensuring optimal signal strength and reception capabilities. This results in stronger, more stable, and more efficient wireless connections. The device is capable of accommodating up to 1000 client connections.

For organizations seeking an intuitive and secure means to manage their wireless networks without the need for server-based network controller installations, the quick installation and configuration of EnGenius Cloud equipment offer dependable performance, predictive analytics, and real-time insights. This enables integrators to concentrate on scaling their business.

EnGenius enables you to monitor your networks in real-time through a single control panel, with no limit on the number of sites.

The Cloud to Go mobile app lets you manage your network both on-site and remotely, ensuring seamless connectivity for your customers. It also offers in-depth analysis of both wired and wireless network devices.

The Result

Mr. Javier Sánchez Hernández, CTO of CUNEF, and Mr. Samuel Argüello, Network Administrator, emphasize:

"EnGenius has played a pivotal role in our technological transformation at CUNEF. Their Wi-Fi 6 access points and high-speed switches have enabled us to provide an unmatched connectivity experience to our students and faculty. Our collaboration with EnGenius has had a profoundly positive influence on our university, elevating our technological standards and greatly enhancing campus connectivity."

The deployment was conducted by the Spanish technology multinational Fractalia IT Systems, boasting a long track record in infrastructure installation across various deployment scenarios. This is not the first instance of their engineering department using the EnGenius Solution, and it has consistently yielded satisfactory results:

"The incorporation of EnGenius wired and wireless systems provides us with complete flexibility in our integrations. Additionally, our specialized technical team places great confidence in the brand's equipment due to its robustness and stability. Moreover, the cloud management feature instills maximum confidence in us."
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Prestigious university adopts cutting-edge cloud network technology
Madrid, Spain
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