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March 15, 2021
Freshdirect - Online Grocer
customer requirementS
A new Wi-Fi Solution that has a robust and stable connection among metal walls
EnGenius solution
The ezWifi Planner to simulate the Wi-Fi coverage, the centralized controller built-in the PoE switch - EWS1200-28TFP, and the 3x3 11ac Outdoor AP - EWS660AP


Freshdirect is Singapore's top gourmet fresh produce supplier. Importers distributors and wholesalers, supplying to top Michelin starred restaurants with the freshest produce.

The Problem and Need

As Freshdirect shifted to a new operation building, it needs to set up a new Wi-Fi Infrastructure to improve the productivity and mobility of its workers involved in the day-to-day operation of sorting of Groceries, Inventory updates, and delivery dispatch.The challenges is that Wi-Fi signal are not able to penetrate the Metal Walls and in some areas there is no signal at all.

EnGenius Solution

With the ezWifi Planner tool, the System Integrator is able to simulate the Wi-Fi coverage with all the Metal walls. The Centralize Controller built-in the PoE switches, which also powered the APs, helped easy pre-configuration and deployment. EnGenius EWS660AP, a 3x3 11ac Outdoor AP comes with an IP55 waterproof housing and integrated antenna that helps prevent moisture build-up,which may deteriorate device performance when installed near cold storage areas.  

The Result

With strong and robust penetration wireless performance, the Wi-Fi signal is reachable even in the operation office. The operation of the operation floor is carried out smoothly without any disruption or connection issues.

The Products

  • 29 units of EWS660AP
    Dual-band 3x3 11ac Outdoor AP
  • 2 units of EWS1200-28TFP
    24-port full-power PoE switch with2x SFP (410W)
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Freshdirect - Online Grocer
ezWiFi Planner
Gigabit Switch
Outdoor AP