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April 16, 2020
EnGenius solution providing seamless, solid Wi-Fi performance for European Diving Championships
customer requirementS
Existing Wi-Fi networking solution installed by competing brand was unable to cater dense network capacities requirements. The contractor was in search of a capable solution and this is where EnGenius was offered to meet all of the requirements!
EnGenius solution
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The Site

The 2019 LEN European Diving Championships was held at Sport Life Teremki (Lico Sports Center) in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Approximately 350 people attended the event, 250 of which were seated and 100 consisted of the participants, media and organizers of the event.

The Situation

The existing Wi-Fi networking solution installed by a competing brand was unable to cater dense network capacities requirements. The contractor was in search of another capable solution and this is where EnGenius was offered as an alternative to be able to meet all of the requirements.

Project Requirements

  • Access Point for Olympic swimming pool use Concurrent High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity to the media’s, journalist’s and visitor’s devices
  • Live streaming must have strong, stable and secure Wi-Fi coverage with no latency
  • Rugged and weatherproof IP rating (IP55 and above)
  • Able to operate in high-density and high-humidity environment

The EnGenius Solution

EnGenius accommodates guest experience by providing seamless solid Wi-Fi performance. The EWS377AP 4x4 with the latest 11ax (Wi-Fi 6) technology supports multi-users uplink & downlink of MU-MIMO for optimal signal & reception reliability as well as stronger, steadier and more efficient wireless connections. One ENS620EXT device with peak performance can cater to up to 150 concurrent users.

The combination of using both of these Indoor and Outdoor APs promises beamforming technology which optimizes antenna signal and targets signals directly to the devices, creating a stronger, faster and more reliable wireless communication. With the ability to manage the network remotely, the license-free EnGenius ezMaster network management software is used to configure,manage and monitor all APs from one centralized dashboard.

"We are holding this event for the third year in a row and there have always been problems with the Wi-Fi. This year there were also many complaints on the first day, and I decided to try the EnGenius solution as an alternative. The result exceeded all of my expectations! The deployment and configuration of the network took no more than one hour, which made it possible to quickly provide service to users.
After installing EnGenius, for the week of the championship, I, no longer had any complaints about the quality of the wireless network. In comparison to the previous twoyears, where the cheaper equipment of the other vendor was used,everything went perfectly! I made certain that the equipment specifications presented on the site are not a bit exaggerated and I recommend solutions of EnGenius for similar events."

— Alexander Radzievsky (Head of IT Department atLiko-Holding LLC)

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European Diving Championships
Kyiv, Ukraine
Wi-Fi 6
Indoor AP
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