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November 29, 2023
Enhanced Wi-Fi Coverage in Warehouses, Saudi Arabia
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The client, experiencing business expansion and an increasing workforce, required robust Wi-Fi coverage in their warehouses.
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In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a client faced the significant challenge of establishing robust wireless connectivity in their expanding warehouses. EnGenius stepped in as a crucial solution provider, offering advanced wireless access point (AP) products to create a superior wireless network. This case study examines how EnGenius, in collaboration with ControlloTech for Intelligent Buildings (CTIB), met the unique connectivity requirements of large warehouse environments.


  • The client needed a wireless network that could provide consistent and comprehensive coverage throughout their large warehouse spaces.
  • Ensuring network speed remains consistent amidst the growing number of devices and employees, even in expansive areas.
  • The solution had to integrate seamlessly with the existing infrastructure and offer robust network management capabilities to ensure security and efficiency.

The Solution

The collaborative solution from EnGenius and CTIB included:

  • Extensive Wireless Coverage: The EnGenius ECW260's dual concurrent 802.11ax technology supports up to 1,200 Mbps in the 5 GHz band and 574 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band, ensuring expansive and reliable coverage across the large warehouse areas.
  • Support for Increasing Device and Personnel Numbers: The EnGenius Heatmap function was utilized for strategic placement of the ECW260 access points, optimizing coverage and connectivity. This approach ensured that the network's performance remained consistent despite the increasing number of devices, personnel, and the extensive coverage area.
  • Seamless Integration and Network Management: The ECW260's robust IP67-rated weatherproof and dustproof housing is suitable for harsh warehouse conditions. The EnGenius Cloud platform enables efficient remote management and monitoring of an unlimited number of APs, offering real-time management and troubleshooting.
EnGenius Cloud

The Result

The deployment of EnGenius ECW260 access points, managed through the EnGenius Cloud platform and implemented by CTIB, significantly enhanced the warehouse's wireless infrastructure. This integration resulted in seamless, comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage across the three expansive warehouse areas. The upgrade notably improved network speed and security, effectively supporting the client's operational expansion. The client commended the project for its swift execution and minimal impact on warehouse operations, acknowledging the profound improvement in connectivity and network management.

The Products

  • 49 units of ECW260: Cloud Managed Wi-Fi 6 2×2 Outdoor Access Point
  • EnGenius Cloud Network Management Platform: Learn More

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Enhanced Wi-Fi Coverage in Warehouses, Saudi Arabia
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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