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December 1, 2022
EnGenius Wi-Fi 6E solution deployed in Davis Cup 2022 tennis finals
customer requirementS
Approximately 500 journalists attended the Davis Cup 2022 finals at the venue, with high connectivity and speed requirements for their connections to broadcast the tennis finals in real-time.
EnGenius solution
EnGenius Cloud Solution

Malaga was the city chosen to host the final 8 of the Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals 2022. The match, organised by Kosmos Tennis, featured the participation of 8 nations and took place in the multi-purpose Martin Carpena Pavilion, the city's main indoor sports facility and one of the main sports complexes on the Costa del Sol.

The stadium has a maximum capacity of 11,300 spectators, with two annex buildings, one with 20,000 square metres and the second with 3,000 square metres. Approximately 500 journalists followed the finals on site, with high requirements for connectivity and speed in their connections.

Project requirements

The high influx of control and security personnel from the organisers, ITF staff, players and journalists from all over the world, makes the Davis Cup Finals a venue with very high wireless connectivity requirements. On this occasion, the goal to achieve was a very high speed connection rate proposal (Wi-Fi 6E Tri-Band 4x4), up to 8.4Gbps combined (2.4GHz, 5GHz and the new 6GHz band). As well as maximum security by preventing hacking and/or the use of fake SSIDs with the ECW230s advanced security access points (WIDS/WIPS).

In an event of this category, the security of the connections as well as the client management capacity and connection speed are the two essential requirements.

The areas to be covered consisted of:

• Kosmos Tennis organisation offices
• Staff of the organisation
• ITF offices
• Players area
• Hospitality / Restaurants / VIP area
• National team changing rooms
• Press area
• Press Room
• Training grounds

EnGenius Cloud solution

The organiser and integrator were looking for a capable and secure solution. EnGenius proved to be the most reliable option to meet the demands andrequirements, with a combination of high-speed AP and AP with advanced security (WIDS / WIPS) solutions.

Technological accessibility  

For organisations that need to manage their wireless networks in an intuitive and secure way without requiring servers for network controller installation, the fast installation and configuration of EnGenius Cloud equipment provides reliable performance, predictive analytics and real-time information that allows integrators to focus on growing their business.

EnGenius allows you to view your networks in real time under a single dashboard. No limit to the number of sites.

The Cloud to Go mobile app allows you to monitor and manage your network on-site or remotely, providing seamless connectivity to your customers. It also provides deep analytics on wired and wireless network devices.

"One of the most prominent requirements was network management with varying traffic requirements."

One of the most outstanding requirements, beyond the high user density, was network management with varying traffic requirements depending on the areas of the stadium and the movement of the public and journalists.

Thanks to the user and bandwidth management of the EnGenius Cloud system, it was possible to provide the best connectivity at all times, being able to ensure traffic per user or SSID.

The flexible user validation options, WPA3 security and the customisable captive portal, which includes validations by Azure, LDAP, Active Directory and Google LDAP, were considered as relevant aspects of the choice of EnGenius devices. In addition to Social Login (FB 2.0) and Voucher service.

The ECW230S provided secure connectivity with the EnGenius Airguard System (WIDS/WIPS). The ECW230S equipment provided secure connectivity with the EnGenius Airguard System (WIDS/WIPS). In addition, a rapid deployment system was very important to the integrator, allowing flexible installation of the network devices already configured via the cloud, ready to go as soon as they are connected. With adoption and configuration from the unique code or by barcode scanning.

The implementation

All devices were managed from the cloud platform with no licence fees.

The ECW336 4x4 Wi-Fi 6E, with a 5GbE Ethernet port, supports MU-MIMO multi-user uplink and downlink for optimal signal throughput and reception, as well as stronger, more stable and efficient wireless connections. The device supports up to 1,000 client connections.

The ECW230S provided secure connectivity with the EnGenius Airguard System (WIDS/WIPS). With a capacity of up to 1,000 clients per access point, it provided secure connections, protected against threats, with an additional security radio that is responsible for analysing the environment, and with optimum quality.

Equipment used:

• 4x AP ECW230S
• 4x AP ECW336
• 33x AP ECW230
• 15x AP ECW260
• 12x Switch ECS2512FP
• 9x Switch ECS1528P

* 100% Cloud Management

The result

The deployment was carried out by systems integrator Parson Project Solutions, with a long track record in the installation of infrastructures at events of this type. CEO Álvaro Calvo Serrano has used the EnGenius solution always with satisfactory results.

"The integration of EnGenius wired and wireless systems allows us absolute flexibility in our integrations. On the other hand, our specialised technical team relies on the robustness and stability of the brand's equipment. And, of course, Cloud management gives us maximum confidence", says Álvaro Calvo, CEO of Parson Project Solutions.
The supply of equipment and technical support was carried out by the well-known solutions provider X-Net. "For our company, deploying EnGenius equipment means the peace of mind of its infallibility in its start-up and operation."
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Davis Cup 2022 equipped with EnGenius' fast and secure solution
Malaga, Spain
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