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February 13, 2023
The renowned Digital Transformation Company - Innovation Strategies SLU to Siemens Company integrates the latest Wi-Fi 6E Wireless Solution
customer requirementS
The connectivity requirements of the team are extremely demanding in all areas, both in terms of the density of connected clients and the traffic flow required for each connection.
EnGenius solution
EnGenius Cloud Solution

The Company

Innovation Strategies specializes in identifying the most advanced technologies and work methodologies applicable to the management of its clients, with recognized accounts such as: Barceló, Iberostar Group, Kearney, Noatum, Nexus Tours, amongst others in various sectors.

The Location

Innovation Strategies has 100 highly qualified and specialized employees. The connectivity requirements of the team are extremely demanding in all areas, both in terms of the density of connected clients and the traffic flow required for each connection. For this reason, the installation was designed considering the latest and most powerful wireless industry standard: Wi-Fi 6E.

The Benefits

- A corporate-grade Wi-Fi 6E solution at an affordable cost
- Simplified installation and commissioning, without disrupting the company's day-to-day operations
- Superior signal strength and throughput (Wi-Fi 8.4Gbps / ethernet 5Gbps)
- Full backward compatibility with ac/b/g/n equipment
- Regular firmware upgrades, with no license fees
- Adoption of the latest technologies: MESH, OFDMA, MU-MIMO, Fast Roaming, 1024-QAM, and WPA3 hardened security.
- Superior connection speeds with its 4x4x4 technology (6GHz:4800Mbps, 5GHz:2400Mbps, 2.4GHZ:1148Mbps)
- High Client Capacity: (up to 1500 simultaneous clients)
- The power of three concurrent radios, incorporating the new 1200MHz band, with support for augmented reality and Ultra High Definition (16K)

Operational Advantages

The criteria that conditioned the proposal were: wide coverage and high transfer speed and low latency, guaranteeing roaming, with high density of users in the offices.

The integrator, SPW, with more than 15 years of experience in analysis and deployment of wireless infrastructures, after a rigorous study of the situation and requirements, as well as a complete evaluation of the available solutions, proposed the EnGenius EWCW336 model as the solution to the customer's connectivity requirements. The ECW336 solution would provide a very high data transfer rate, with the most competitive cost-performance ratio in the market.

The local/remote management capabilities of the EnGenius Cloud platform would allow the integrator and the customer to manage their network under any circumstances.

The EnGenius Cloud Solution

For the deployment, ECW336 Wi-Fi 6E APs were used. In addition to incorporating switches with Cloud management, EnGenius Cloud allows management even from mobile platforms (Smart-Phone), which guarantees the supervision, management and solution of contingencies, even remotely.

Network management is completely centralized, from a central control panel that supports an unlimited number of installations (sites) free of charge, with advanced options (PRO), facilitating administration operations and any necessary updates.

The Installation

The ECW336 Wi-Fi 6E APs were pre-configured and installed in a record period with significant savings in both time and labour. Once the configuration was done, the installation only required the physical connection of the equipment, which was completed all in just one day...

Mr. Luis Giménez Rayo, Technical Director of SPW commented:

"Since we incorporated the EnGenius solution to our portfolio, all deployments have been frankly satisfactory. Both for the quality of the equipment, quick configuration and deployment, as well as for its powerful Management Platform."

Mr. Francesc Rigo, Project Manager of Innovation Strategies stated:

"Although we were not familiar with this brand, it has been a pleasant surprise to find it. We came from a WIFI solution with which we had many performance problems and complaints from users. Since we switched to the solution proposed by EnGenius, the performance has improved considerably and the complaints have disappeared. At the same time, since the management is based on Cloud, the operational cost of the infrastructure has been reduced. It just works."

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Corporate Deployment of the EnGenius Wi-Fi 6E solution
Mallorca, Spain
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