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April 20, 2021
Best New Construction Building Project at the Second Telecommunications Congress in Smart Buildings
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ANSARES Hotel - A Digital Experience
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EnGenius EnSky Solution

The Site

Hotel Ansares (http://www.anserahotel.com/) is a hotel establishment of recognized prestige for its ability to host events, business meetings and congresses. Its magnificent location (40 minutes from Madrid), famous restaurant specialised in traditional Spanish gastronomy and magnificent environment with monuments dating from the SXI make it an incredibly unique venue.

The intention of Alvaro Arroyal and the management of the hotel was to turn the centre into a space with a peculiar digital experience in which the guest could manage his stay from start to finish.

As part of the user experience, new features have been incorporated that allow greater freedom of movement as well as the disappearance of the need for contact with hotel staff.

The customer has the option to check in before arriving at the hotel. This avoids queues and crowds at reception. In doing so you receive an electronic key that you can use with your mobile. With the electronic key you can open both the garage and your room.

Improved Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi has been provided every corner so that the guest makes calls without cuts and always has an internet connection.  
  • 100% WiFi coverage with high speed internet and 100% mobile phone coverage.  
  • Wi-Fi connection via QR Code.  

Personalized Room

A welcome message and a personalized video greets you upon arrival in the room. Wedding guests or conference attendees are greeted with a personalized video made by the bride and groom or event organizers, respectively.

If a conference organizes an event with presentations in the auditorium, attendees can follow the event by watching it from the room's TV or from the mobile itself via the Wi-Fi network.

Wedding guests or conference attendees receive a lane message in the lower area on the TV to alert them of the start of an event.

Technological Accessibility

The guest can wi-fi their mobile with the TV to watch the series of their favorite platforms. The control of the display is done from the guest's own mobile. you can choose the TV channels and control it from your mobile.

The guest can request room cleaning by pressing a button in the room or from their mobile phone while having breakfast.  

While having breakfast or s walking through the wonderful surroundings you can prevent them from waking up your partner, sleeping in the room, from the mobile "do not wake up". Reservations can be made in the restaurant from the room.

Operational Accessibility

The functionality of all installations is recorded to view and control their status from a computer, Tablet or mobile through the Wi-Fi network. These logs allow you to detect or analyze recurring errors. The room service staff has the list and order of rooms to be cleaned on a mobile. When a customer requests room cleaning or do not disturb, they are notified on the time.


Televes integrates its ArantiaTv technology into the Ansares hotel that allows you to enjoy its interactive television system, also providing the cast experience in room thanks to its casting solution ArantiaCast.  

Televes has deployed its Gpon infrastructure and participated as a provider of infrastructure and technological services.


EWS330AP indoor access points - a powerful solution equipped with 4 5dBi ante-nas and a radio power of up to 26dBm, were used for this project. Thanks to the power of the APs, the installer was able to reduce the number of indoor APs and focus on the connected services. For outdoor use APs with IP55 certification, the perfect protection for the low winter temperatures of the area. An EnGenius PoE Switch was used as a network management team with the integrated ezMaster controller.

"This project represents an innovative evolution in the user experience, thanks among other factors to EnGenius' powerful Wi-Fi network. "

– Alvaro Arroyal (Telecommunications Engineer).

"For the Hotel the Digital Experience is a before and after in terms of connectivity and guest satisfaction."

– Felipe Sánchez (Director of the Hotel).

"The strength of EnGenius equipment has been critical in securing some services."

– Jose Luis Pineda (Hospitality Director in Televes).

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ANSARES Hotel - A Digital Experience
Tarancón, Spain
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