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January 11, 2021
Sandaya Parc La Clusure Provides Camping Guests Reliable Wi-Fi with the EnGenius Cloud Solution
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Sandaya Parc La Clusure already had an existing Wi-Fi network, but knew that additional APs could be added to it. By doing so, they could offer guests better Wi-Fi coverage throughout the campsite.
EnGenius solution
EnGenius Cloud ECW160 Outdoor 11ac Wave 2 AP


In 2018, the number of international guests staying at hotels in Benelux increased by 4% to 14.7 million guests. When comparing percentages, the growth for camping increased much greater. The percentage of foreign guests on campsites rose by 13% to 1.2 million guests mainly from bordering countries such as Germany, France, etc.

Nowadays Wi-Fi is a MUST in Camping Sites

Research indicates that Wi-Fi has become more or less of a norm for campers in Europe. Whether that is work-related, catching up on e-mails, playing online (mobile) games, watching/streaming movies or simply just planning routes. Regardless of the online activity, a stable connection is needed to guarantee good Wi-Fi connectivity and customer satisfaction. In fact, campers expect reliable steady Wi-Fi in the great outdoors!

As the demand of near-continuous Internet connectivity continues to increase, successful camping sites must provide this amenity to campers, guests and staff members.

The Site

Sandaya Parc La Clusure (https://www.parclaclusure.be/nl/) is a family camping site where hospitality sets the tone. The campsite is located in the heart of the Ardennes and is equipped with many facilities and recreational activities.

In order to offer guests a Wi-Fi connection while vacationing, the camping site was in need of new reliable APs (Access Points).

Existing Network Infrastructure

Sandaya Parc La Clusure already had an existing Wi-Fi network, but knew that additional APs could be added to it. By doing so, they could offer guests better Wi-Fi coverage throughout the campsite.

“We were looking for new APs for our campsite. After consultation with KommaGo, we received a test model of the EnGenius ECW160.”


KommaGo has been supplying EnGenius solutions in the Benelux since 2003 and has grown into one of the largest supplier of the brand in the Netherlands. Their dedicated product specialists therefore have extensive knowledge of EnGenius products. In this case, the EnGenius Cloud ECW160 outdoor AP catered to the requirements of the camping site.

The EnGenius Cloud Solution

KommaGo provided the EnGenius Cloud ECW160 Outdoor AP, which was tested to ensure it was a suitable Wi-Fi solution.

“After extensive testing of the product, we determined how many of these APs we ultimately needed. It was striking how easy the installation and configuration of these APs went. Everything you need for placement of the AP is included and the configuration is simple. This is done via an app (EnGenius Cloud To-Go) in the cloud, giving you access to monitor your network anytime, anywhere. For those who find it useful: you can have the APs set everything yourself with regard to Wi-Fi channels, so that you always have the best possible signal.”

EnGenius Cloud ECW160

  • Outdoor 11ac Wave 2 AP
  • Management via the cloud possible
  • Speed: 400 + 867 Mbps (2.4GHz + 5GHz)
  • Powered via 802.3af Power over Ethernet
  • With four detachable 5dBi 360° RP-SMA antennas
  • Dust- and waterproof (IP67)
  • Suitable for wall and pole mounting

The Result

Sandaya Parc La Clusure has been providing an optimal holiday experience in Ardennes to campers for more than 26 years and for some guests this really requires a seamless Wi-Fi connection. With the help of KommaGo and EnGenius, guests can now make extensive use of this.

“The roll-out of no less than 35 EnGenius ECW160 APs was a piece of cake thanks to the simple configuration. I would therefore wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone who wants to quickly and easily expand or upgrade their WiFi network. KommaGo has offered us a good solution, which has saved us a lot of time and effort!”
– Chris Meister, IT Technician at Parc Le Clusure
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